This is the 8th time Thieves has been diagnosed with cancer in Crozan, but he is positive

This is not easy for Thieves Croissant. Seven times, Bredner was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo surgery. Again and again he struggled. But now he has been diagnosed with cancer again, he said on Instagram. Nevertheless, Tijs is positive. “Life is too good to sit and chip.”

During this time, metastases were detected in his lungs. “Another big bang,” responds a resident of Prada. “One on the right, one on the left. Five millimeters in size.” But according to him doctors are early and metastases can be treated well.

“This time it was decided to do radiation,” says Tijs. He will soon be leaving for the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam, where a treatment plan will be devised. “I’ve already seen the doctor briefly. I’m very confident.”

In August, after his seventh cancer treatment – when metastases were still in his abdomen – Thiez had already announced that he would “wonder if metastases did not occur later”. “Of course you believe it.”

Upside down
In 2008, Tijs was first diagnosed with cancer. Then it came to bone cancer in his left arm. Then his arm was cut across. In 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015 he had metastases in his lungs. In 2017 a metastasis was discovered in his pancreas and in the summer of 2019 a metastasis was found in his stomach.

But because of his perseverance, he went to war again and again, upside down. Many call Tijs a hero, but he sees it differently. “I don’t see cancer with winners and losers. It will happen to you. “

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Despite the new palette, he refuses to give up. “Life is too good to sit and chip.”

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