This is the complete Jumbo-Wisma U23 match schedule

Jumbo-Wisma Development has completed the map of the competition program. The training team of the Dutch World Tour team immediately starts a season with a professional race. At Le Samin, the team initially includes Olav Quiz and Axel van der Tugh. With the latter appearance Cycling Flash Back to training camp last week.

Like the men’s and women’s teams, the training team was recently based in Alicante. Van der Tugh says he had good training under the Spanish sun. “It was nice to be together again, the last time we had a mountain bike weekend was in November,” 19-year-old Trent begins. “During such a camp you drag each other to a higher level. You also pay a little more attention. You have some worries: you will train, dinner will be ready when you return. It’s very good that this could happen. We were divided into three teams in different parts of the hotel.”

Except for Finn Fisher-Black (who is preparing for the national championship in New Zealand next week and immediately flies to Europe the next day), everyone attended. “You also get optimal rest during a camp like this because you only have to focus on your training,” Van der Tugh continues. “I think it’s best to raise the last few percent before the season. You’re really challenging each other. Everyone has to make the most of themselves, it’s naturally motivating each other. In the end you only grow from it. You can not follow situations like this at home.”

Technical training
During the training camp, the riders of the development team also did several technical training sessions. Jumbo-Wisma hired a former mountain biker and Oscar-size team debutant. “It is important that you have as many technical features under control as possible for security,” Van der Tugh explains. “In Peloton you often see things wrong, you can easily prevent them through many technical training sessions. Some guys really benefit. The results of matches are increasingly inherited. So doing this is definitely not a luxury.”

Photo: Jerome Wasner / Jumbo-Wisma

With Choice they mainly trained on the poses on the bike, in order to better master the pressure distribution in the curves. Compared to the same camp last year, Young Trent learned a lot. “I made a lot of progress,” he explains. “It simply came to our notice then. Who impressed me the most? Hard to say. I especially think we are very strong in terms of width. We did some matches together and the level was very high. We fit in well. Archie Ryan Upwards I was particularly impressed. It is actually very strong in the mountains. “

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A detailed interview with Axel van der Tuic, in which he looks back on 2020.

Preliminary competition program Flag-nl Jumbo-Wisma development
02/03: Flag-be Le Samin (UCI 1.1)
03/03: Flag-hour Umag Trophy (UCI 1.2)
07/03: Flag-hour Porous Trophy (UCI 1.2)
07/03: Flag-fr GB de Lillers (UCI 1.2
11/03 – 14/03: Flag-hour Istrian Spring Trophy (UCI 2.2)
14/03: Flag-fr Paris-Troyes (1.2)
19/03: Flag-be Youngster Coast Challenge (UCI 1.2U)
17/04: Flag-be Liege-Bastogne-Liege U23 (UCI 1.2U)
01/05: Flag-nl Overseas Tour (UCI 1.2)
09/05: Flag-be Flesh Artenoys (UCI 1.2)
16/05: Flag-fr Paris-Rupeex U23 (UCI 1.2U)
20/05 – 23.05: Flag-fr Ronde TL Izard (UCI 2.2U)
04/06 – 06/06: flag-pl Malopolska Tour (UCI 2.2)
16/06: Flag-nl NK time trial
19/06: Flag-nl NK Road Cycling
21/07 – 25/07: Flag-fr Tour Alsace (UCI 2.2)
30/07 – 02/08: Flag-fr Grease-Fresh Elite (UCI 2.2)
17/08: Flag-be Ekmond Cycling Race (UCI 1.1)
24/08: Flag-fr G.P. Des Morpheus (UCI 1.2)
03/09: Flag-no Hoffgel DT (UCI 1.2)
04/09: Flag-no Lillyhammer G.P. (UCI 1.2)
05/09: Flag-no Golden Kites (UCI 1.2)
03/10: Flag-it Lombardy U23 (UCI 1.2U) Tour
10/10: Flag-fr Paris-Tours U23 (UCI 1.2U)
* Initially, Le Triptych was on Desmonds et Chatox (UCI 2.2U)

Choice Flag-nl Jumbo-Wisma Development 2021

Flag-D Maurice Ballarstad (20)
Flag-nl Lars Bowen (19)
Flag-nl Darren von Beckham (18)
Flag-nl Low van Belle (19)
Flag-nl Mick van Dijk (20)
Flag-nl Tim von Dijke (20)
Flag-nz Finn Fisher-Black (19)
Flag-nl Owen Kelijn (20)
Flag-D Michael Heyman (19)
Flag-nl Olav Quiz (19)
Flag-nl Rick Bloomers (20)
Flag — that is Archie Ryan (19)
Flag-no Johannes Stone-Mittet (19)
Flag-nl Axel van der Tugh (19)
Flag-nl Hide von Vinendal (20)
Total: 15 riders

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