This is the crisis attitude of hockey national coach Jeroen Delmi: ‘Fewer foreigners in the tournament’

New hockey national coach Jeroen Delmi wants to make sure Dutch hockey players win international prizes again. Delmi played 401 times for the Orange team and won 1 world title and 3 Olympic medals (2 gold, 1 silver). At the time, the hockey team was guaranteed at least a place in the titles and finals. Now the Netherlands is ahead of Belgium, Germany, Argentina and Australia on all sides.

In a conversation with de Telegraph, Delmi explains what he thinks is wrong and what he wants to do about it. According to him, the Dutch talent did not have enough opportunity to grow in the Dutch competition. He concluded by watching a great match: “If there was a Dutch player in those two lines, the scout would be less. The number of foreigners in the Dutch tournament is a big problem. I wish there were a lot of course they give shine to the Dutch big league, but the flow of their own talents is stagnant.”

How many fewer foreign players? “There are more than 50 foreigners in the Dutch Big League. It already has 5 teams. Plus 2 former international teams and 2 junior teams. Then you can pick 3 teams.”

He also wants the Orange players to meet more often. “The truth is that we have to deal with countries that are almost full-time. Olympic champions Belgium meet from Monday to Thursday. Silver and bronze winners Australia and India host the full-time event.”

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