This is the final standings in the Constructors’ Championship – Formula 1 season 2022

The 2022 Formula 1 season is over, and that means the outcome of the Constructors’ Championship has also been decided. Red Bull Racing He has already taken the title in the US, but there are still many places to be forgiven in Abu Dhabi.

Red Bull Racing finished the season with no fewer than 759 points at the top of the standings, followed by Ferrari With a score of 554 points. The Italian superpower should have dreaded finishing second after a series of disappointing results, but in the end it is Mercedes You get stuck at 515 points. After the top three, there is a huge gap in midfield, where it has been exciting for so long. Title The best of the rest He went to the Alps. The French formation has been good with 173 points this year. McLaren He battled for fourth place for a long time, but eventually finished fifth with 159 points. Check out the full ranking below.

Final Constructors’ Championship standings

1. Red Bull Racing 759 points

2. Ferrari: 554 points

3. Mercedes: 515 points

4. Alps: 173 points

5. McLaren: 159 points

6. Alfa Romeo: 55 points

7. Aston Martin: 55 points

8. hare: 37 points

9. AlphaTauri: 35 points

10. williams: 8 points

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