This is the reason why Caroline knows for sure what The Sound is and has won over €52,000 | to watch

VideoQmusic listener Caroline is still amazed as she got to guess the radio game The Sound yesterday. Limburger has known for a while that it must be a toilet reducer for young children that you put in the toilet bowl. But this is nonetheless 52,800 euros will get richer, is still strange.

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After exactly fifty days and many failed attempts, Caroline was able to give the correct answer on radio DJ Domien Verschuuren last night. “It’s still not realistic,” she says. The next day To his teammates Matty and Mariki. “At first I thought about clicking a box of wet wipes closed, but after a tip on Monday I knew it should be toilet reduced.”

How was Caroline so sure of herself? According to her, her “feelings” played a major role. The fact that she often uses the trait for her children helped. “I work as a midwife.” It was clear to her that she did not have to test the sound. Yesterday, while she was at home making the beds, an unknown caller came by. “Normally, I would have never quit, but I have now. Although I was sure I had entered, I didn’t believe it had to be.”

The Qmusic listener has now better thought what you are going to do with that huge amount. The weekend will be away with the family, something goes into the bank account of her 9-12 year olds and the house can use a change. “It is strange. You sometimes imagine what you would do if you won a lot of money. Now that’s just a fact.”

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Caroline was a guest at Qmusic this morning. © Qmusic

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The sound was guessed at the Domain Evening Show.

The sound was guessed at the Domain Evening Show. © PRONOPRESS

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