This is the true story of La Legge di Lidia (The Law According to Lydia’s Poet) – Netflix UK

The Netflix series La Legge di Lidia Poet tells a true story. Lydia was not a poet as her name might suggest, but she was the first Italian female lawyer! The series is also known under the English title, The Law According to Lydia’s Poet, and This Is the True Story.

La Liga de Lydia is a poet

In this historical drama series from Netflix, the main character, Lydia Poet, investigates a series of murders while fighting desperately to become a lawyer. The show is set in the Italian city of Turin in the 19th century and is based on a true story. In this series it may have been exaggerated here and there, but the common thread really did.

University of Turin

Lydia Boit was born in 1855 in Pereiro, a great suburb of Turin. She studied law at the University of Turin, graduating on 17 June 1881. For the next two years, she worked in forensic medicine as an assistant to a lawyer whose name we do not know before she was “approved” by the Turin Bar. By 45 votes in favor, 5 against. This means that her name was added to … “advocates rollLawyers manuscript.

The true story of the poet La Legge di Lydia

However, this caused quite a stir, especially with the public prosecutor in Turin. He was not happy that he had suddenly been given a peerage and appealed against the poet’s appointment. He opposed this appeal and pointed to other countries, where women have long been allowed to work as lawyers. For example, she referred to Clara S. Foltz, but failed to convince the accused. She stated that it was simply forbidden for women to join the so-called “Melissa togataThe Court of Appeal agreed with him, so Lydia’s name was deleted.

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Identify newspapers

However, he didn’t just let this happen and contacted the media, which caused a real controversy. 25 Italian newspapers turned out to be in favor of women in the legal world and only 3 against them. However, dailies that were against it started the attack, writing, among other things: “Men who agree to this must be celibate, they do not understand women.”

William Waldorf Astor

They even called William Waldorf Astor is a prominent politician and lawyer in New York City, United States. Women were already allowed to pursue such professions there, though Astor was not entirely positive about it. This “thinker” stated that Americans were also against women as attorneys, even though it was the solution to the 250,000 Italian-American women living in isolation. They were unmarried and in danger of having to live the life of nihilists.

July 17, 1919

Lydia Poet continued to resist the established order, without success, for most of her life. Nevertheless, on July 17, 1919, a decision was made to accept women into the order, and at the age of 65, the Italian finally got what she had long dreamed of. Thirty years later, on February 2, 1949, she died at the age of 93.

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