This is the winner of Season 6 The Perfect Picture

Attention: This article contains spoilers about an epilogue The perfect picture.

In the first part of the final, farewell to Georgina Verban. And so Fritz Sessing and Patrick Martins decide who can join Humberto Tan, Patti Brad, Estelle Cruyff, Jimmy Westland and Pepe Bregman on the list.

Also in this episode, amateur photographers have to perform missions in Bonaire. First, the two men have to take a photo that symbolizes Bonaire. Patrick gets a good 8 for that, but so does the Frits.

Patrick and Frits are then given the task of creating a reality high fashion-to photograph the image. “I’m thinking of Vogue magazine‘, says jury member William Rutten. Frits again received 8 points for the task, but Patrick received 9.

For the last task, the finalists have to step out of their comfort zone one last time, as they have to take a beautiful underwater photo. Frits gets 6 and Patrick gets 7.5, making the latter the winner.

Then his best friend Georgina and his parents came running towards him. Patrick, who doesn’t seem to believe it, puts his hands directly over his mouth. Standing in disbelief, presenter Tegel Bekand shuts down the program and with him the season.

In the online series Behind the perfect pictureWe spoke to Georgina Verban. The actress made it to the first part of the finale, but at first she did not expect it. In the video below she talks about her adventure.

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