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Drive to Albert Heijn or take the lift at Kronenburg Shopping Centre. This would not have been possible without science. Are you curious what the world would look like without science? Then come to the Rosette Prekishav Library in Arnhem during the science weekend.

October 1 and 2 is Science Weekend. Kids can then learn about this wonderful world for free. Topic: What would their life be like without knowledge? This is the question that will be answered during the 10th edition of Science Weekend.

Science Weekend in Arnhem

In more than one hundred and fifty locations in the Netherlands, there is something to be done on the topic “What would the world look like without science”. Kids meet real scientists, watch restorers at work in the museum and do experiments in laboratories. Likewise in Arnhem. Here you can do an activity in the Prikhav library. So cute: it’s free!

Citizen Flag Arnhem

During Citizen Science on Saturday, October 1, 2022, all children aged 12 and over are welcome to contribute to science. Everyone, including people without scientific training, can help with various research programs. When the weather is nice, kids can use the solar telescope to watch explosions on the nearest star. Check here All practical information.

Small announcement: Citizen Science Prikhav is still a bit complicated for young children. Children from 8 years old can fully dive into the world of science.

Science Weekend is organized by the NEMO Science Museum on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Want to see more fun tips? then check This page.

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