This is what your facial expressions say about you

“Your face speaks volumes” is not just a statement. You can tell a lot from your face. But did you know that the movements you make on your face tell us something about your personality? in a De Nieuws BV Explained that Geiser and Hermann Ilgen, managing partners of the Institute for Nonverbal Strategies Analysis.

You smile, draw your eyes, pout thousands of times a day, consciously and subconsciously. Gaiser and Ilgen have researched these movements for nearly ten years, and thus have devised a method that benefits us as well. Ilgen explains: “Because you understand more of where the other person comes from. How he deals with him, and what he is sensitive to. You can organize the conversation more efficiently.”

Frowning, laughing, and raising eyebrows

But what do these traits say in your face about you? For example, people who frown a lot and tighten their lower eyelids need to understand something before they feel comfortable. If you smile a lot, you tend to communicate as part of the personality. Are you one of the people who frequently raises eyebrows and eyelids? So you are action oriented and want to get started.

Pokerface not found

In some situations, it helps not to overexpose, such as during a game of poker. Then it would be a good idea to turn off those features in your face.

Geiser: “You cannot control your face. There is no such thing as a poker face. You cannot say, ‘When I play cards, I show a certain type of face. “Because, subconsciously, you can’t affect it. But the emotions you go through below, you can train and influence. For example, you’ll be verbally and non-verbally syncing.

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