This is where the most popular Netflix romantic drama series was filmed

Have you always wondered where the real “Serenity” is? Firefly Line It is based, where stranger from homeClaire in Scotland begins her time travel and O Virgin River real place? Below you will find from 5 popular romantic drama series Netflix from Locations where is she filmed to be. This way you can quickly plan your next fan trip.

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5. When the heart calls

When the heart calls It may not be a Netflix original, but it’s a very popular series on the streaming service. We’d love to tell you that the picturesque “Valley of Hope” was a real place, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Most scenes from WCTH included in Langley (British Columbia in Canada, south of Vancouver). There MacInnes Farms serves as a filming location for the romantic drama series. On the map below, you can see that “Hope Valley” has been entered into Google Maps as a location and to the left of that is actually MacInnes Farms.

4. Firefly Line

Canada is a beloved filming location for the Netflix romantic drama series, because it too Firefly Line She made her recordings around Vancouver. For example, on the map below you’ll find the house that serves as the place where Tally and Kate first met. The series revolves around Snohomish’s place in Washington in 1974. Another great location is the beautiful gazebo near George Wainborn Park where Kate and Tully were photographed together.

3. Magnolia candy

popular series sweet magnolia It is based on the Sheryl Woods books and is based on the fictional city of “Serenity” in South Carolina on a real location (called Sumter), but a different location was chosen for the filming of the series. Most episodes of the romantic drama series are filmed Covington, place in Georgia.

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An example of a beautiful setting in the city where the series was filmed is Mystic Grill, Dana Sue’s ‘Sullivan’ restaurant in the chain. Fun fact: This restaurant was once used as a movie location The Vampire Diaries.

2. Outlander

Outlander isn’t a Netflix original either, but there are a few romantic dramas that are as popular as this title. Maybe it won’t be a complete surprise because the series stranger from home country and culture Scotland Breathe and live, but of course the string of songs was recorded there as well. Below you can see the location of “Craigh na Dun”, the stone circle where Claire begins her time travel. This is not a real place, but an actual environment in Kinloch Rannoch.

Furthermore, you can identify Castle Blackness as “Fort William” in the series and the Dysart Harbor location is used as “Le Havre” in stranger from home.

1. Virgin River

Many fans of the Netflix series are curious about the location where the Virgin River is filmed. First of all, it is important to know that the series is based on the books of the same name by Robin Carr and that the author describes the Virgin River as a place in Northern California among redwoods, waterfalls, and good fishing spots. However, this is a fictional place, because in reality there is no Virgin River place at all. But where was the series filmed?

The answer again: Vancouver! Along with the above series and other titles like RiverdaleAnd SparkleAnd Sabrina’s Chilling Adventures employment supernatural Most of the episodes were filmed in the Canadian city in the northern United States. For example, Mel’s famous cottage is located on the waterfront in Murdo Frazer Park, Mel’s business is located in southeast Vancouver at 122 First Street, and Jack’s Bar (Watershed Grill in Brackendale) is located north of Vancouver.

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