This is why Simone Kleinsma is disappointed with each new season of Maestro | TV

“I was always a little pissed when the show started again, I thought, ‘Damn, they never asked me again! “ buzz. When the order came this year, it was a resounding yes, Kleinsma laughs. “I’ve seen the program a lot myself, I’m really impressed.” She says that she is very fond of classical music. She got this from her parents, who often played that music. She believes that this program will introduce more people to classical music. “Who knows, these people might suddenly set a classic record after this and think, That’s cute.”


Learning the behavior was also really attractive to her. “I would sometimes ask an orchestra for fun if I could stand in front of it for a while. Everyone thought this was funny, so the orchestra joined in. It only happened a few times, but it was a pure excitement moment.”

She thinks it’s great to really learn something of “this craft” on the show. “Because this is really, a craft.” She confirms that she does not master the profession now. “If we get a high mark from the jury, it’s because we’ve made great strides.” Because real conductors have practiced and learned for years, while all of them have no experience with this yet. “I have an incredible amount of respect for the two musicians. It really comes down to very small things.”


Kleinsma says that performing shows is a type of performance, but that this is an entirely different art. “I have been involved in music all my life and I think I can say that I am somewhat of a musician. But that is a different field.” I learned that cooperation between an orchestra and conductor is very important. “The building is collapsing. But when things are going well, it is a really cheerful feeling.”

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The actress says the group, which also consists of radio DJ Bram Krikke and cabaret artist Plien van Bennekom, pair well with each other. Although the feeling of mutual competition creeps in when starting out. Kleinsma does not have the ambition to continue the post-maestro procedure. “No, no,” she laughs. “This is for the program. I think it’s cool to do it, but that’s what the real pros have to do.”

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