This masked singer must leave the battlefield

It’s the turn of the panda, the rider, the frog, the penguin and the elephant. The characters do everything they can to get to the next episode. The panelists believe they are getting closer to the identity of the masked singers.

Viewers can also expect another performance by special guest artists this week. This time a star and Saturn come on stage. Carlo Bouchard immediately thinks he knows who they are, while Gerard Golling and Buddy Vader grope in the dark. They’re just guessing it’s Kaj Gorgels and Monica Geuze. While Carlo and Loretta Shriver say it’s Rod de Wilde and Olkay Jolsn. They’re right. “I really can’t sing, so Rod had the upper hand. But I really enjoyed doing it,” Olcay says when she takes off her mask.

Then back to the elimination race. Of course someone has to go home. From this, the public decides. They eventually vote out Knight. But who is he anyway? All members of the committee believed that Gerard Eckdom. And that’s okay too. “Wow. You just want to try this,” Gerrard says of his engagement.

The Masked Singer You can watch the show every Friday evening at 8 p.m. on RTL 4 and Videoland.

“Yes, it was me after all!” I was in The Knight The Masked Singer! It was a great adventure and he didn’t want the world to miss it,” Gerard writes with a photo of himself in a jockey suit on Instagram. “Even my boys didn’t know! Cheers to the whole team out there, it was such a pleasure to be able to do it!”

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