This Netflix series has been watched twice as much as the Marvel Studios show ‘Hawkeye’.

Hawkeye couldn’t beat the Netflix series Lost in Space.

Over the past few months, a lot of great new content has appeared on streaming services. Each of them has its own favourites. But today we have a very cool distribution.

Nielsen releases new broadcast numbers every week. These numbers this week show that Netflix is ​​at the top of the list on November 29 in the US, with the series lost in space.

big difference
Episodes 28 of lost in space 1.2 billion minutes watched by subscribers. The second on the list is True story, also from Netflix. And the latest among the top three is the Disney + series hookwatched for 560 million minutes vs. 607 million minutes True story.

Somehow we were expecting more hook, which is actually a series belonging to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

lost in space He got his third and final season in November. This is where the Robinson family’s survival instinct begins. They must reunite them in a race against time and protect Alpha Centauri from a robotic invasion.

lost in space Fully immerse yourself in Netflix now.

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