This new emoji is coming: from a pregnant man to an empty battery

In September, new additions to the emoji range will be approved by the responsible body Unicode. The list of candidates is now known, reports emojipedia. Officially, this is emoji version 14.0, where emoji descriptions and examples are provided. Later, each emoji provider puts its own role in this description.

There will be new variations of the well-known yellow smile, such as the melting face, the squishy face, the saluting face, and the face with tears in the eyes. There will also be emoji additions for pregnant woman: pregnant man and pregnant woman with a more mysterious look.

A bird’s nest with eggs and a slice

On top of that, there are emojis for things like a bean, a chip, a bird’s nest with and without eggs, a piece of coral, an empty battery, a disco ball, and an X-ray.

Moreover, there are more color combinations for the handshake emoji, and there are new hand emoji for love: two-handed and the Asian variant with thumb and forefinger.

There will also be the Khamsa emoji, a hand-shaped amulet with Nazar in the middle: the popular eye-shaped mascot that’s been an emoji for some time.

Google, Apple, Samsung at rest

After the new emojis were approved in September, Google will likely implement them for the first time between October and the end of December. This company is often the first to introduce new emoji on its Pixel devices. Companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter are likely to follow in the first half of 2022.

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