This super hardcore movie turned out to be very popular on Netflix

Lars von Trier built his career on provocative films. So much so that it would almost come as a surprise if he now releases a movie that turns out not so controversial.

The film maker often pushes the boundaries of what you can expect from an ordinary movie. His thrilling two-part voyage Nymphomaniac is an excellent example of this. The film follows a self-diagnosed woman who takes the audience on a journey through her sexual transgressions.

Huge hit on Netflix
rut It is a story in eight chapters, told in two volumes. The whole thing takes at least 325 minutes express.

According to Flix Patrol, Vol. 1 of rut It is very popular on Netflix. So much so that the film ended up in the top ten most-watched in no fewer than seven countries.

originally rut NC-17 rated by the US MPAA. For the director, this was enough reason to come up with everything, since the film eventually went to the cinema “without a rating”.

The first movie grossed $13 million at the box office. The second part did well for nearly $5 million. It was already a success, because both parts together cost 4.5 million dollars. And now the first movie is a new hit on Netflix.

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