This truck is a super deluxe camper

Volkswagen TransporterOr an Opel Vivaro or a Citroen C1. We are now somewhat accustomed to special renovations for mobile homes. However, this camper is absolutely amazing, or in fact it is not.

The basis is an old white Ford E-450, a regular box truck that any moving company—in America—can drive. However, there is something special about this ancient backbone.

Box truck as camper van

The box has been taken care of by Skoolies epicA company that specializes in converting school buses into mobile homes. Although the 1999 Ford looks like a retired furniture store on the outside, with 160,000 miles (257,495 kilometers), the American proves that true beauty is on the inside.

Through the tailgate, the van enters an inviting space with beautiful lighting and a teak finish. You will find two sofas in the living room. You can turn sofas into beds in the evening. Under the seats you will find a storage space for clothes.

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The camper is fully equipped and even has a 32-inch smart TV and JBL speakers. Below the speakers, you’ll find a lacquered wood door that gives you access to the cabin.

Large kitchen and luxurious shower

Adjacent to the sitting room you will find a kitchen in the truck box with a large refrigerator, microwave, oven and 3-burner gas stove. From the kitchen you walk towards the bathroom. This includes showers that many mobile home owners are jealous of. There is a toilet in the same room.

A box truck is usually not well insulated. To keep the mobile home warm, the space has good heating – and cooling – and the floor is covered with vinyl planks.

All equipment is powered by a propane tank, solar panels or simply by connecting the cart to the power grid. It is unclear how much the full conversion will cost. It should be clear that it’s not a cheap mobile home – it’s still a neglected truck.

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