This underground compressor saves a lot of space in tall buildings

The underground Sidcon compressor reduces the need for containers and reduces the need for waste collection vehicles in residential or office buildings. There are actually many attractive examples where Presstation Pro is used. Contribution from Sidcon.

Spaces are becoming increasingly limited, but waste occurs in every building. This must be collected and disposed of. In the design stage, this topic is often overlooked. By immediately including a space-saving solution in the design, such as Presstation Pro, more space remains for residents or office workers. Because waste is compacted underground, it can contain 5-10 times more. In practice, it turns out that instead of 4 containers, only 1 is needed. This takes up little space.

Less moving movements
In addition to the fact that the press container takes up less space, Sidcon Presstation Pro ensures that the garbage truck should come at a lower rate and finish emptying the container faster. After all, it saves time whether 1 or 4 containers have to be emptied. Less transportation is good for people and the environment.

The press vessels are equipped with sensors and an internet connection. One advantage of this is that it is remotely monitored for how full the container is so that it is emptied on time, but not too soon.

Rotterdam and Eindhoven
Presstation Pro has been used in Lee Towers in Rotterdam, but also in many other transitional projects where offices have been converted into apartments. Van Nelle Fabriek and Philips Bedrijfsschool in Eindhoven are also equipped with innovative press containers. Sidcon produces underground compressors for residual waste as well as for old paper, cardboard and PMD / waste plastics.

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