This way you are freeing up space on your iPhone device

A big annoyance to iPhone owners is that their smartphone storage space fills up very quickly. Fortunately there are ways to fix this, let me tell you how …

Which files are the largest?

The first step is to figure out which files are taking up the most space.

In iPhone Settings, go to General> iPhone Storage. You’ll see a list of apps in order from storage most used to least used, and music, photos, and other media apps will likely top the list – especially if you shoot a lot of 4K videos or download movies to watch offline.

One important thing to note: Per-app Storage View shows app size, documents, and data. With this distinction, you can tell if the app itself is large, or if you can shrink the app to a more manageable size by removing files from it.

Delete the unimportant stuff

You will also see some Apple recommendations for deleting files you may no longer need, such as viewing large attachments in messages, removing unused apps, or viewing old videos for deletion.

You can also view your phone’s storage space by connecting your iPhone to a Mac computer and opening an overview of your iPhone in Finder. If you sync music, movies or other files from your MacBook to your iPhone, you can quickly unsync playlists or media on your iPhone without having to delete them one by one.

You can also deselect a playlist or movie to see how much storage its deletion will save, then decide whether or not you want to sync changes or just leave those files.

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Storage scheme

Below the storage graph of your iPhone, you’ll see all of your apps listed from largest to smallest. What you see is not only the size of the app itself, but also the amount of space its data takes up.

This varies greatly from application to application; For example, the music app is only 20MB in size, but if you have a lot of songs on your phone, then this app can occupy GB.

To check this, tap an app in the list on the iPhone storage page. You will then see the app details page, where you can choose to delete the app and all data or temporarily remove the app from your iPhone.

Internet browser

Your web browser cache It can take up a lot of space – all those temporary internet files get bigger and bigger. If you do, keep in mind that you will be logged out of all websites that you have logged into and all of your cookies will be deleted. But this can save you tens of megabytes.

Music takes up a lot of space

If you keep a lot of music on your iPhone, you can reclaim a lot of space by trimming your library. Open the Settings app. Tap General, then tap iPhone Storage. If you have a large digital music library, you will probably be at the top of the list and clicking on it. Swipe left on the artists you want to delete from your phone, or you can tap artists to delete specific albums or even singles. You can see how much space all these numbers occupy for easy calling. You can also click “Edit” and delete multiple artists at once.

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