This way you remove all ads on Xiaomi phones

Xiaomi places ads in its smartphone apps. Fortunately, you can only turn off those ads. We explain step-by-step how to do this in this article.

Xiaomi ads

On Xiaomi phones with MIUI, you just need to install an app from Play Store or Xiaomi will start scanning that app for viruses. This is Google though Play for protectionGoogle Scanner actually scans all apps for threats on daily basis. Beneficial for Xiaomi is that the ad is displayed quickly while scanning.

Xiaomi has a very low profit margin when selling all of its devices, ranging from smartphones to Xiaomi’s electric scooters and smart vacuum cleaners. The company earns a maximum profit of 5% for each product sold, and this margin will forever remain low, and this is what Xiaomi promised On Twitter. So Xiaomi chooses to generate additional income in other ways, such as advertising in the MIUI interface.

This way you remove all ads on Xiaomi phones

Of course the advertisement can be disabled, and thus there are ways to disable ad serving. In 2019, the company talked about adding a button that you can use with one stroke Remove all adsUnfortunately, this did not become a reality. So you remove the ads step by step, or rather: application by application. Follow the following steps.

road map

MSA (MIUI System Announcements)
  • Open Settings’
  • Find “Accept and Cancel” and open Setup
  • Turn off the switch with “Msa”
  • Wait a few seconds for the button in the lower right to turn blue, then select ‘Revoke’
Advertising services
  • Open Settings’
  • Find “Ad services” and open the setting
  • Turn off “personalized ad recommendations”
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  • Open the “Security” app on your Xiaomi phone
  • Tap on the gear icon on the top right to open Settings
  • Stop “receiving recommendations”
  • From the settings, tap on “Cleaner”
  • Stop “receiving recommendations”
Mi Browser
  • Open the “Mi Browser” application on your phone
  • Click on the “Profile” icon in the bottom right, then click on the gear icon for the settings in the top right
  • Disable the following options: “Content Feed”, “Show News on Navigation Bar” and Show “Games” on Navigation Bar
  • Choose “Advanced” in the settings
  • Go to “Privacy and Security” and turn off “Custom Services”
  • Open the music app
  • Select the Settings icon on the top left
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Go to “advanced settings”
  • Turn off “ad serving”
  • Open the “Downloads” app
  • Click on the menu containing the three dots in the top right and choose “Settings”
  • Turn off “Show recommended content”
Promote apps

MIUI displays supported apps in folders on the home screen.

  • Open this folder and tap on the folder name as if you want to rename it
  • Turn off the toggle for promoted apps
Them as
  • Open de ‘Thema’s’ app
  • Click on the account icon at the bottom right
  • Choose “Settings”
  • Turn off “recommendations”

Are there any apps in the lists that Xiaomi announces? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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