This way you will soon be able to transfer your WhatsApp chat history to Telegram

Telegram allows WhatsApp users to transfer their conversations to Telegram. The import function currently works on iOS only

Fuss about WhatsApp

cable at Signal The recent backlash against WhatsApp is reaping the benefits. The last will be Set privacy terms. Telegram and Signal have gained several hundred thousand users in recent weeks and it doesn’t look like their growth will stop any time soon. In an effort to attract more WhatsApp users, both apps are introducing new compatibility features with Facebook Messenger. For example, Signal recently launched an Custom wallpaper It added support for the app’s animated stickers to give new users a familiar experience. Telegram is now adding a new tool in version 7.4 that allows users to easily transfer their WhatsApp chat history to the app.

Import WhatsApp chat history to Telegram

Telegram version 7.4 is currently rolling out to iOS users through the App Store. The update brings a new import feature that allows users to migrate their chat history from other apps, including WhatsApp, Line, and KakaoTalk, to Telegram. However, the migration tool is not yet available for all iPhone users. Telegram seems to have put together their list of online migration tool very early on. The chat app removed the text in a post update that soon followed.

This is how it works

So it looks like it’s still working. Yet it is 9to5Mac I actually managed to try the function and it works as follows:

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Open the chat you want to export and tap on your contact’s name
  3. Tap on the three dots at the top right and then tap Lake at Chat export
  4. Choose from options Attach media From Do not attach
  5. WhatsApp will then create a zip file of chat history that you can share
  6. Select Telegram from the share menu that appears and select the contact for which you want to set the chat history
  7. Click on import
This way you will soon be able to transfer your WhatsApp chat history to Telegram

When do you use Android?

We expect the chat app to release the tool on a larger scale in the coming days. At the moment, Telegram has not spoken of a similar option for Android users. The ability to easily import your WhatsApp history to Telegram is at least another slap in WhatsApp’s face. What do you think about this situation. Could you switch faster if you could easily transfer chat history to Telegram? Let us know in the comments below this article.



Telegram is a cloud-based chat app for mobile and desktop with an emphasis on security and speed. All messages are encrypted end-to-end.

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