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He believed a lot, but did not dare to dream that the first show of Guess Mewis The Streamer would be such a success. More than 1.2 million people from 82 different countries watched the live stream on Saturday, including Deer, Grandjay Poppy, Thomas Acta and Paul de Munich. “It’s a global evening, we’ll see tomorrow what we’re going to do next. Today we’re going to be reminded,” Meavis told ANP.

Because anyone who watched the car show finally saw the text ‘must be continued’ on the screen. To do this, you must first find a new location and potential partner, says Machil Hoffman, the founder behind Amstel Live Friends. “But that’s a post-concern,” he says. “The artists are excited and we’ve won the audience now, so there’s no reason not to continue.”

If it was up to Mevis, it would definitely happen. “Unfortunately there was no fight yesterday,” he says with a laugh. “So we have to do it again.” When the 48-year-old singer was asked about his favorite moment in the evening, he could not really choose. “I thought Bilal was a bombshell. I loved Danny Vera with the roller coaster. Davina Michael thought everything was power. Well, I could go on like this for a while.”


Audiences were encouraged to audition jokingly through a singing video in the shower. “People have responded to it,” Hoffman says with a laugh. “We immediately got videos of people singing in the shower.”

The organization had to deal with a small setback on the big night. There was an Android error at the beginning of the show. “But it was resolved very quickly during the support legislation,” Hoffman says. “That’s why we have such a supportive act. You have to compare this to a real concert hall. Not everyone can enter at the same time. It takes time.”

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According to Hoffman, it was mainly seen in the Netherlands and Belgium, but they were also seen in India, South Korea, the United States and Australia. “These are definitely foreigners, but these days they expect a traditional Dutch feast just like the people and artists in the Netherlands,” he says. Only Mevis can join it. “We could go for several hours. We’m not finished yet.”

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