This year also a virtual audience at the Top 2000 Café

“This of course is very unfortunate, but last year we found an original alternative with screens adopted by the audience and DJs. Suddenly, NPO Radio 2 was a guest in the listeners’ homes,” says Peter de Vries, director of NPO Radio 2. “Everyone can The Netherlands can look inside each other at the most diverse of times. We saw children playing at breakfast, nurses on duty, well-dressed revelers in the evening, truck drivers pausing. I found it interesting to see how intensely our listeners experience the list of menus together. In NPO Radio 2, we look forward to a better 2000 week full of infectious traditional Dutch co-existence.”

video calls

The audience can view the list via Video calls at the touch of a button to be virtually present at the Top 2000 Café on TV screens.

Start Top 2000

NPO Radio 2 Top 2000 will begin broadcasting on Saturday, December 25 at 00.00 with the opening show by Bart Arens, which can be seen on NPO 3. NPO Radio 2’s DJs will also watch NPO 3 (NTR) from 22.45 in advance. (So ​​on Friday, December 24th) Refer to the opening.

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