Thomas Leech talks about Vitesse and these sweet Dutchmen with their bitter killers | Vitesse

interviewThe splendor of the Veluwe, the excellent cycling trails, the love of the deep fryer and the wide beaches. Thomas Leach has been living in the Netherlands for a year and a half now. Boss Vitesse is a bit enchanted.

Crispy crunchy. Small. Nice. Until the body touches the tongue. Then there is the pain, as Thomas Leach knows. You have to learn to eat bitter, which is clearly a Dutch delicacy. A feeling of heat is necessary. sure instinct. But then a little differently.

The Dutch and their customs. Leach (53 years old) can laugh it off wonderfully. But in a really positive way. He has now been living and working in the Netherlands for eighteen months. As head coach of Dutch club Vitesse. A world opened up to him.

“I had never been to the Netherlands before coming to Vitesse,” says Leitch. “But what a beautiful country. The Dutch should really realize that.”

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