Thoughtful Return by Jonathan Burleigh

Dylan, Jonathan, and Kevin Borle have spent the past few weeks at the canary carrot. The three brothers did not go there to sunbathe, but to train in the best conditions for the new season. After all, they have their eyes on you Tom Jones Memorialsports competition In the US state of Florida, it takes place on April 15th. Kevin and Dylan Burley will run the 200m there, while Jonathan will take care of the 400m. The three brothers will also be there together 4x400m relay He walks. After a few days they went down to Louisiana state university in Baton Rouge where they also began operating.

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The 4x400m relay will take some getting used to, Jonathan Burley. After all, he wasn’t there last March when he was Belgian Tornado gold on it European Indoor Championships in Istanbul They crowned themselves European champions for the third time. “I actually decided a while ago not to do indoor competitions this year,” Jonathan said at Le Soir. “I wanted to take the time to get my condition and my body back on track. This way I hope to be spared from anything.” injuries. “Over the years I have become more rational with myself,” said the athlete.


Burley, 35, no longer wants to push his body to extremes unnecessarily. After all, the guy is in the fall of his career. He announced last year that he would still be active until Olympic to play by 2024 In Paris and with this deadline in mind, he does not want to impose himself. The next races in the US will start as practice sessions and there are reasons for that. “Despite the fact that my training is going well, I just don’t have the speed to keep up with the best in the world. In Gainesville I will run the 400m and 4x400m. Once I feel like I exhausted Hit, then I might just get involved in the relays,” it seems thoughtful.

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We hope Jonathan Borle gets back to his old form soon. Last year impressed Memorial by lasted And on it ISTAF Championship in Berlin. “I want to get back to that level and put some good times at the end of my career,” it seems. “But I really just want to be on the slopes as quickly as possible, having fun and working out in a measured way.” We are fingers crossed!

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