Thousands of Christmas flights canceled around the world at the last minute | abroad

Thousands of travelers were told just before Christmas that their flights would be cancelled. Airlines canceled more than 3,000 flights around the world on Friday and Christmas, newspapers reported Washington Post. This is based on numbers from the Flight Aware website.

Air traffic problems are partly due to increased oomicron infection. This highly contagious type of coronavirus also spreads among airline employees. Companies sometimes see no other option than to cancel flights. It was also said that about 2,000 flights were canceled on Thursday.

US Delta Air Lines says, according to New York times About 90 flights were canceled on Friday after “trying everything” to get them to leave anyway. According to the airline, the fact that it is not possible to fly has several reasons, including weather conditions and an “omikron variable effect”.

The newspaper reported that United Airlines canceled at least 150 flights that were scheduled to leave Friday and another 44 flights for Saturday. The company explained that Omicron’s impact on flight crews and the people who run the operation led to the cancellation.

Not only in the United States

The problems are not limited to the United States. In Australia, dozens of flights were canceled at airports in major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. There, several crew members are said to have been forced to self-isolate because they had been in close contact with infected people.

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