Thousands of complaints about the column where Jeremy Clarkson burns Meghan Markle | The media

former top giaPresenter Jeremy Clarkson has received a lot of criticism for his column the sun About Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry. There is according BBC More than six thousand complaints received by the British media watchdog.

In the column on Friday, Clarkson was more explicit about his feelings for the Duchess of Sussex. “I hate her,” the 62-year-old British presenter wrote.

Clarkson also stated that he lay awake at night gritting his teeth and that he “dreamed of the day when she would have to walk naked through the streets of every village in Britain, while people would say ‘Shame on you! ‘” “Shouts and throws out feces.” Such a scene has been seen in the series Game of thrones.

The broadcaster has already received a lot of criticism on social media, as has his daughter, Emily. “I want to make it clear that I do not endorse any statement my father has made regarding Meghan Markle,” the actress said. “I will continue to support every victim of hate online.”

Clarkson responded to the uproar Monday afternoon. I clumsily pointed to a scene in Game of thrones This upset a lot of people.” Twitter. “I am sorry this caused so much pain and I will be more careful in the future.”

Prince Harry and his wife have blasted the British media in their recently released Netflix documentary series. Thus, he gave Harry a British tabloid daily Mail He was blamed for Megan’s miscarriage. He also alleged that his older brother William’s communications team knowingly leaked stories about Harry and Meghan to the media.

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