Thousands of flights have been canceled due to winter weather in Canada and the US

More than two-thirds of the population are warned of extreme weather.

-39 degrees

Temperatures have dropped to ten degrees below freezing in many places and could turn even colder in the coming days. Severe weather accompanied by snowfall. The coldest day yesterday was in Havre, in northern Montana, where a temperature of -39 degrees Celsius was recorded.

Nationwide, 1.5 million homes and businesses were without power yesterday. In North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma and Iowa, visibility on roads was nearly zero, and officials urged people to stay indoors.

Several states reported road deaths due to the harsh conditions, with the total number of casualties yet to be determined. The BBC speaks Twelve people died.

million Canadian households

In Canada, more than a million homes and businesses were without power, schools were closed and hundreds of flights were canceled. The winter storm hits the two most populous provinces, Ontario and Quebec. More than sixty percent of Canadians live in these provinces.

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