Three arrests after shooting Valentino Cederberg (29) in combat

Three arrests after shooting Valentino Cederberg (29) in combat
29-year-old Valentino Siderborg was killed by a bullet.

Suriname police arrested three people afterwards The argument got out of hand last Friday29-year-old Valentino Cederberg was killed by a bullet. The Suriname Police Corps has just reported this.

Law officers at Munder Police Station and the RBTP responded to a report from the Command Center located at Peperboomstraat in the area known as “ Texas ” Friday afternoon, March 26. There was a shooting accident.

Upon reaching the site, it turned out that it was a prolonged argument between the brothers and one of the local residents, which got out of hand. The two brothers were wounded by bullets, and the shooter and the suspect, R. S., were wounded. Stab wounds.

The two parties visited the emergency department at the university hospital on their initiative, as Valentino died shortly after arriving at the hospital due to his injury. His younger brother Yu Si (19), who was also shot in the chest, required urgent surgery as a result of his collapsed lung.

The DM shooter had stab wounds in the back and shoulder. Both younger brother Yu Si and the gunman DM were hospitalized under police surveillance. The other suspect had a deep wound to his arm, and he had to be treated medically.

Three suspects, including RS (17), DM (33) and UC (19), were arrested in this case.

Valentino Cederberg’s lifeless body for autopsy was seized after consulting with the Suriname Public Prosecution Service, while the three suspects DM, UC and RS were arrested. The investigation in this case has been transferred to the Department of Major Violations Police reports.

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