Three children die after being rescued from a frozen lake in England Abroad

Three children died on Sunday afternoon after they were rescued from a frozen lake near Birmingham in the United Kingdom (UK). The fourth is still in critical condition in the hospital. Two other children are still missing BBC.

The four children had fallen through the ice at Babbs Mill Park in Solihull, a town southeast of Birmingham. Three of them, aged eight, ten and eleven, died in hospital. A six-year-old boy is still in the hospital euronews.

Some policemen and bystanders jumped into the water to help the children. When the fire brigade arrived at the scene, the children could be pulled out of the water. According to the BBC, the children went into cardiac arrest. They were instantly resuscitated.

According to eyewitnesses, six children were playing on the ice. So maybe two of them are still missing. This research is still ongoing. But emergency services say they have very little chance of survival. So the firefighters are talking about searching for the bodies and no longer the rescue operation.

It is not clear how long the children were in the water. During the rescue operation, the officer became slightly hypothermic. He was taken to the hospital.

It is winter weather in the United Kingdom. Code yellow has been declared in large parts of the country due to snowfall and ice formation. A weather warning remains in effect for some parts through Thursday afternoon. UK authorities warn of the dangers of icing during a cold snap in the UK. According to the weather forecast, this cold snap will continue for several days.

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