Three poultry farms destroyed in Limburg due to bird flu | Domestically

The two companies to be removed are located within a 1 km radius of the polluted company and are owned by the same owner. Together with shared staff, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) talks about ‘dangerous contacts’ and the possibility of contamination is considered real. As a precaution, the animals on these two farms are destroyed.

The other four companies within 1 km were not in direct contact with the affected company in Ysselsteyn (municipality of Venray). These are therefore not currently required to be eradicated, but are being tested for bird flu by the NVWA, shut down, and the health of the animals is monitored daily. Bird flu is being tested at eight poultry farms about 3 km from the affected farm. The traffic ban will apply to the other 69 companies within 10 kilometers. The ban applies to all birds and table eggs. The ban will also apply to bird manure, used litter and other animal and animal products from poultry farms.

Caregivers of laying hens, breeding stocks, broilers and ducks have a strict reporting duty. Poultry farmers should report infected animals to prevent the rapid detection and spread of bird flu.

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