Three snowboarders died in an avalanche in Austria, one of them was a rising motocross star (19) | Abroad

UpdateAn avalanche in Austria killed three Austrians on Saturday. They were part of a group of eleven ski tourists under the age of 30 from Pongau, Enstal and Upper Austria.

The drama took place below the summit of Lackenspitze (2459 meters) near Tweng in the Lungau (Salzburgerland) at about 1:45 pm. During the ascent, the so-called “slab” of snow fell 200 meters wide and 500 meters long and dragged the skiers along. Eight of them were partially buried under the ice, and the three were completely dead.

A mountain rescue team and 120 Red Cross volunteers have begun an intense search. Two missing skiers thanks to their transponders were found after the avalanche and then dug up. It was covered with a layer of snow 4.5 meters. One of them was able to revive him and take him by rescue helicopter to Klagenfurt Hospital, where he died of his injuries. Police said the third victim who was killed did not have a transponder due to an avalanche. A prick was not located until 5:27 p.m. and he was pronounced dead. Two of the victims were 19 years old and the third was 24 years old.

motocross champion

One of the 19-year-old victims is Rene Hofer of Alberndorf. Despite his young age, he was already considered the “next world champion in motocross”, according to reports Cronin newspaper. Hoover became the Junior World Champion in the 85 cc class in 2016. In 2017, he moved to the EMX125 and finished fifth. In 2019, he finished fourth in the EMX250 and made his World Cup debut. In 2020, he made his MX2 World Championship debut as a factory KTM rider, but had to take an extended break due to injury. In 2021, the promising driver took the podium for the first time at the German Grand Prix in Taliesel, and even celebrated his first win in the MX2 Grand Prix in Pietramurata at the end of October. The newspaper said that Hoover finished the 2021 World Cup season in sixth place in the overall standings.

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As a KTM rider, Hoover was a teammate of Dutch motocross racer Jeffrey Herlings. He reacts with displeasure to the bad news. ‘I can not believe that. We’ve spent a lot of time together, sharing a hotel room in Italy last week. You are now in heaven. My heart is broken and my body is empty and I still can’t believe it. I was like a little brother who often asks for advice and we laughed a lot together. My thoughts and condolences with your family. I love you brother,” he wrote on Instagram.

In the area where the group of skiers was en route, an avalanche warning level 3 was in place (significantly) above the treeline on Saturday. In addition, warnings have been issued for the so-called Triebschnee, snowdrifts that can easily fall. Such a layer would have fallen.

The search operation as seen from one of the five rescue helicopters. © Salzburg Mountain Rescue

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