Three tips to avoid using all your roaming data outside the EU

Going on vacation to a country outside the European Union is, of course, very interesting and exciting. The disadvantage of traveling outside the EU is that you often use your phone less easily. Because it costs a lot. Is there nothing else to do but feel it in the bag? Fortunately not, because there are definitely solutions. We list three for you.

Buy a prepaid eSIM

You do not have to use data roaming if you are using a prepaid eSim. This card works very simply. You can buy an eSim with a fixed amount and enjoy unlimited internet usage in your multiple destinations. For example, you can use prepaid Buy an eSim from Holafly And in destinations like the US, Turkey and Egypt, enjoy the internet whenever and wherever you want, without paying data roaming fees.

You can install the eSim in the phone and use it with a simple QR code. The eSim was already in your phone and can only be used digitally. eSims is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to use the Internet anywhere, anytime and can no longer live without it.

Use WiFi, but in a safe way

Using multiple WiFi networks is of course the most obvious way to reduce your data roaming costs. Unfortunately, public Wi-Fi, in a hotel or cafe, has one significant drawback: it leaks like a basket.

Since you are using WiFi with a public password, or even no password at all, a malicious person can access your data over your Internet connection. Annoying if, for example, they hack your bank or use your data for Identity theft.

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What can you do about it? A VPN helps you protect your data, even when using public Wi-Fi. The VPN It forwards your IP address, making it impossible for hackers to break into your WiFi data.

This VPN has another advantage when you are traveling. You can also watch your favorite Dutch TV shows while traveling. It is usually blocked because you are not in the Netherlands. With a VPN, you can adjust that artificially.

Download what you use most and work offline

The last option that we definitely don’t want to withhold from you is to download as much as possible. You can use a lot of online services offline. If you’ve been on a plane, you probably know that guy who watches a series on a tablet or phone. All this is possible because the series is being downloaded to the phone.

Now you won’t be using Netflix that quickly outside of the plane, but listening to music before bedtime in your hotel room or even on the road can be enjoyable on your long flight. Fortunately, you can also download all your favorite songs and playlists on the Spotify streaming service. since last year You can even do this on your smartwatch.

This way you have music with you everywhere and always, without wandering. And want to find your way to your destination without using data roaming? You can also share from Google Maps Download it before you go and use it offline.

Photo: Unsplash/Dominik Dancs

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