Three US GPS in the future? The Miami system is fine

In 2022, the Formula 1 calendar will welcome a new Grand Prix. On May 8, the Miami Grand Prix will take place around the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Garden. But with the exception of F1, this route competes for a place on the Indicar and NASCAR calendars.

More than Formula 1 in Miami

Construction of the Miami International Autodrome is still in full swing, but organizers are already thinking beyond Formula 1. This round should end on the Indigo and NASCAR calendars. It is not easy to hold many events on the brand new path in the United States.

“I think this is possible, but there is only one time window, which is a real challenge.”, Says executive partner Tom Garfinkel in the conversation At other sporting events, the hottest summer months in Miami go by as well.

“We have the Miami Open tennis tournament before the race, before that [American] Football season. So it will be limited to what we can do along the way based on these events.Corfingal continues. He agrees that the track and the whole experience are mainly designed around the Formula 1 event.

Tri-Grand Prix of America

Corfing’s big dream is to run the third U.S. race on the F1 calendar in addition to the United States Grand Prix with the American Circuit and the Miami GB. In this way, Carfinkel thinks the game can only grow in the United States.

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