Thrift stores Noggus & Noggus and Stichting Kringloop Zwolle have room for things again | Weblog Zwolle

Thrift stores Noggus & Noggus and Stichting Kringloop Zwolle have room for things again - Photo: Kringloop Zwolle

Zwolle – During the previous shutdown, there was extensive cleaning and the collection points of thrift stores in the Zwolle area were flooded.

“To avoid getting a lot of goods in our warehouse, we have requested through various channels to keep items at home for the time being. We have now cleared the warehouses and can handle the goods again,” says Marcel Reofkamp, ​​Director of Kringloop Zwolle.

“We are happy to open our doors again to receive merchandise. Residents can deliver their goods at recycling centers at regular times. Then all merchandise is sorted and stored. This way we ensure that we have sufficient stock when our stores reopen and that the range is wide and varied. Business hours can be found. Collection points on corporate websites.

Jan Bruce, Managing Director at Noggus & Noggus at Staphorst: “Small books, clothes, and household items are especially welcome, we can easily store these items and usually find a new destination easily. Of course we also accept furniture and other large items, but they take up more storage space” with The arrival of spring, which has traditionally been a season of cleaning, thrift stores once again welcome merchandise with open arms.

The warehouses have been cleaned up and ready for new donations of things. Have items in the house that can still be used for a second run? Then from now on you can take it back to a thrift store.

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