Thrilling cat-and-mouse game at TT Circuit in Assen during the first stage of the Healthy Aging Tour: The Cat Jolien d’Hoore wins

With a port on the horizon, Danik Hengfield is still stuck Wednesday by an incoming Peloton during the first leg of the Healthy Aging Tour, which was won by Belgian Julian Dore.

It was a compelling cat-and-mouse game in a very special setting, since the first kilometers are from the 10th Edition of Healthy Aging Tour Held on the TT circuit. It had everything to do with the coronavirus, because the strict rules allow only the best sport to take place in tournaments the public cannot attend.

The speedy cathedral was perfect for the conditions, although the 94 professional cyclists initially thought something different after a while.

The TT Circuit’s open runway is ideal for motorcycles, but the racing bike’s thin tires have encountered significant resistance when pedaling. The asphalt had a suction effect on the narrow tread.

126 kilometers uphill

This year’s “Healthy Aging” tour began with a grueling 126 kilometers. However, the ladies were clearly looking forward to it, because one escape attempt was being made after another. Made a live course.

Mike van der Duen of Assen pulled it hard several times, as Belgian Brett Knaven showed himself at the helm of Peloton. The German trio Lisa Klein, Romy Casper and Godron Stock seemed to be heading some 30 kilometers, but this adventurous trio were absorbed again.

After Swiss Lena Metro tried again, Heingfield took over. At eighteen, a knight from Nootdorp is one of Benjamin’s this aging health tour, but she didn’t care. In the 10 kilometers before the end, it brutally took off on its own.

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Will the cat or the mouse win?

It made a half-minute advance when the peloton, which housed many enemy rifles, was still in operation. Up to 100 meters before the end, the question remained whether the cat would win the match or whether the runaway mouse would be paid for the work. The first was, because shortly before Geert Timer’s famous corner was arrested, Hingfield was arrested, despite either cycling or relying on her life.

The runners still had a few tens of meters to maneuver in the correct position and engage the largest resistance.

She was the ultimate fierce foe, with Lorena Whipps badly smashed. In an attempt to turn around the car ahead, it looked as if it had hit a wheel, after which it was out of balance and tripped badly.

Julian Dore makes the best use of being the first to cross the finish line. Wiebes came out soon after and was battered and still above the streak and looks like it can start on Thursday. Alice Barnes from the United Kingdom ranked second, while Karlin Swinkles moved from Brabant to third. Heingfield is still eighth.

The winning king is very rich

D’Hoore was of course happy with her victory. The Belgian looked back, “It was very hectic.” “The speed was so high and everyone came from everywhere, because the end of TT Circuit Street is so wide. I also thought I was going to break, but luckily I managed to stay straight. I did it on the basis of instinct only. On the line, I even managed to bridge the gap with Alice.” Barnes, I’m so happy. ”

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This also applies to Hengeveld, even though he was caught before the finish line. “ It was not my intention to continue the attack. ” She then said, “ We were going to build a train for Clara Londonmark, but I went to the front and saw that I was free when I looked back. ” Then I decided to continue and before I knew it I heard in my earphone that I have Twenty seconds. I guess most riders don’t yet know me as a first-year promise. Deciding to give it a chance, I went full speed. I am very happy with my 8th position and the attention I have been able to bring to my team. It was also nice to drive here on the Essen circuit. In general, a day we look back with relief. ”

The Healthy Aging Tour continues Thursday at Marnewaard Barracks near Lauwersoog. There is then a one-on-one time trial on the show, which three-time winner Eileen Van Dyck focused on in particular.

Search Here For the full list of results for today’s phase.


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