Thump Chelsea confirms the coach’s doubts: “Mentally and physically we are not ready to exhaust ourselves” Sports

No, I’m far from relaxed. “We deserved to lose and that makes sense because we are not good enough,” coach Tuchel said at the press conference after the ear wash, praising Arsenal for the performance. “There is structure in it.” Small part of the problem. Arsenal are miles ahead of us and they don’t even play in the Champions League.”

Scoring goals is a particular problem. During the US tour, Chelsea scored only three times in three matches. We have players looking at their options, guys weighing their options. We have already lost some good players.” Tochel has already received striker Raheem Sterling and defender Kalidou Koulibaly. But in his eyes, this is not enough to compete with Manchester City and Liverpool.

Chelsea will open the new season on Saturday 6 August with a visit to Everton. Is Chelsea ready? “I can’t guarantee that,” Tuchel replied. I hope to see development in the coming weeks. But against Arsenal, my suspicions were confirmed and I still hope he will prove me wrong.”

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