Tigre calls on US to withdraw Ethiopia and Eritrea

The United States wants Eritrea and Ethiopia to immediately withdraw their troops from the Ethiopian territory of Tigris. Foreign Minister Blingen agrees A statement “Seriously worry” about atrocities and crimes against humanity.

He calls on the international community, and especially the African Union, to take a more open stance on Tigray’s situation. Among other things, Blinken says there should be an independent inquiry into human rights abuses.

The villages were destroyed

The minister’s statement comes a day after the newspaper The New York Times Was reported in a secret US government statement. It says Ethiopian officials, along with militants and Eritrean soldiers, are systematically guilty of genocide.

Whole villages are said to have been destroyed and its inhabitants are missing. The report was prepared earlier this month. In early November, the Ethiopian army invades Tigre, prompting Prime Minister Abi Ahmed to end an uprising.

Border conflict with Eritrea

The area is home to the armed Tigris People’s Liberation Front (DPLF), which has ruled Ethiopia for nearly 30 years. The country waged a bloody border war under DPLF leadership with neighboring Eritrea, which borders Tigre.

Prime Minister Abi made peace with Eritrea after coming to power. This earned him the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. But the TPLF did not accept peace, so tensions on the border never disappeared.

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