TikTok also copies BeReal and comes with its own version

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With BeReal, you have to take a daily picture of what you’re doing, at the time the app decides. The idea is for users to show their “real” life, rather than their polished, carefully filtered social media profile full of pomp and circumstance. This approach will not do the French company behind BeReal any harm. After a somewhat anonymous launch in 2020, the app gained popularity in 2022 and spread in Europe and more recently in the US as well. BeReal is the noise of the moment.

tik tok now

And this has not gone unnoticed by competitors in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. After Snapchat first launched a similar feature (Dual Camera), Instagram quickly followed by announcing outright challenges. TikTok now also joins that list, with TikTok Now.

Again, the approach is exactly the same, albeit in the TikTok format. TikTok Now will notify you every day at what hour to take a 10-second photo or video. You can then share it and choose which friends can see your photo or video. For now, the feature will only be available in the US as a test. Other countries will follow later, perhaps even a separate app.

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