Tilburg students make a short make of a dusty Corvéball photo: ‘It feels like we’re all brothers and sisters’ | regional sport

Curveball a boring sport? This is not true, according to the Tilburg Students of Korfbal Vereniging Melmac. The club now has three student teams and more than seventy members and is very lively among the youth. “What’s so cool about korfball? The combination of playing and showering, because in Melmac you can score,” one of the players said with a wink.

On the bench, Amy hugs ‘Alien’ Alf tightly in her arms during a curlpool match between Millmac’s students and FC Terda from Breda. A cute mantra. He also lived with me for a few years. Alf always goes to our student tournaments,” she says. If possible, we attach our “hugs” to the pole (korfball). I saw him again today. He brought us happiness.

In Hall 2 of the Tilburg University Sports Center, SKV Melmac’s mixed korfball team just won the Championship title in the fourth division. After the victory over Tirda of Breda, the students of Tilburg shout “Heroes, champions” and give each other an elegant champagne shower.

Upgrade functional

‘Because of our fantastic victory today, but mainly because we were somewhat ‘mandatory’ we were promoted from Class 4 to Class 3,” explains Stefan Rittgens. As it were, far from us by the Royal Dutch Korfball Association. As a result, “all teams” were “promoted” from the fourth tier to the third tier.

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Amulet Alf van Melmack. © Peter De Bruyne

Player Annemiek van Run accounts for about a quarter of production in the fencing with Terda by three points. “We’ll celebrate this victory at our bar all afternoon during the third inning,” predicts a master’s student in forensic psychology.

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beer member

We also have a drink. A ‘team board’ will probably be ordered at the pub soon,” say former board members Anne van den Begelaar and Jenin Klomp, who followed the Brabant duel with three other spectators. What’s Melmack’s character? There’s an open atmosphere. There’s room for everyone. Comes Some are only for training and do not participate in the activities, and some are members because of those activities or because of the large amount of beer. They are members of the beer.”


This combination adds something. Some relationships also emerged; Melmac . couples

Anne van den Biggelaar

“What’s so cool about korfball? Playing and bathing are mixed, because in Melmac you can score,” the girls answer with a a smile† “This is a myth, of course.” Korfball remains a somewhat undervalued sport with a dusty image, the two believe. Ann: It’s also because in high school you don’t do sports like you really are. It’s going really fast. It is a very fun and challenging game to watch and play.”

“It feels like we’re all brothers and sisters, one big family,” Janine adds. “Some young student korfball players come in like puppies. You can see them thrive in our association. Very funny,” Ann says. “This combination adds something. Some relationships have emerged as well; Melmack couples.”

group of friends

“I think almost everyone in our club has had coronavirus now,” Astrid says. “I missed training with each other and being busy again. In addition to korfball there are also other activities like monthly drinks, cycling dinner, pub quiz, Melmakkers arrangement, closing barbecue, Sinter-Christmas party and last but not least our korfball tournament In October for the famous Alf Trophy,” she summarizes. “We are a real group of friends. Many of the students who move into rooms in Tilburg don’t know anyone at first. The korfball association is the best way to get to know other young people.”

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