Timo Wolters the DEM soccer player is a “thinker” and not always …

ADO’20 from Odin’59?

ADO’20. I played for both clubs at a young age, but there are still a lot of players playing in ADO’20 that I know. Plus, there is generally a larger audience there.

Artificial turf or natural grass?

I’m a synthetic turf generation after all. I never get hit in those fields and the ball doesn’t bounce unexpectedly. It’s true: the higher you play, the better the quality of the meadows. In my opinion, professional football should only be of good quality.

Midfield or offensive?

Midfielder. Originally I’m used to it and can handle it in any situation out there. But I also enjoy playing “as a soccer player”. I will not be the striker who puts 25 in every season.

Ugly goal or nice help?

Give me an ugly target. Good help is never in the newspaper.

Thinker or actor in the field?

I myself am more than a thinker. If I hit the ball badly, I could think about it on the court for five minutes. This doesn’t always benefit my game. I always try to think about the match tactically.

With your youth or with higher reinforcements?

I prefer to play as high as possible with my youth. This preserves your club’s identity. But there’s nothing wrong with having three or four targeted reinforcements where the quality is lacking.

Football on TV is boring without an audience or is it okay?

I really don’t like it and actually just look at Ajax and the Dutch national team.

Want to hold football on weekends or separate match days?

Football at the weekend. I feel the whole Netherlands want it, except for KNVB. You will get delicious utensils in the third degree.

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Are you playing the semi-league or aiming for next season?

I want to leave the stadium, so I’m only doing half a competition. Then start in April or May. Otherwise it would be August.

Keep playing football for as long as possible or continue as a coach?

Even though coaching / coaching has truly become a passion for me, in the coming years I will focus first on playing football myself. You should enjoy it as long as you can. After that, I’d like to continue as a coach. Although I have stopped now, because my private life is next to her, it has become very difficult.

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