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summer seriesDen Bosch – She is 27 years old however Paulien Doedee is not the youngest owner of Tiny House on Minitopia. You recently graduated from the Academy of Arts and then design and build your home; How do?

Pauline: “I had the opportunity to do this through my father. My investment consisted mainly of time and energy. My main goal was to gain practical experience. Know what you encounter when implementing your design. Making a beautiful design is fun, but the translation is technically practical necessary. So you also have to be able to think of technical solutions.”

step by step forward

She gets the latter from her father, just like analytical thinking and step-by-step progression. She designed her tiny house in three days. From early morning until late at night, Paulien built a shed with other Minitopians. Family and friends offered a helping hand when needed. Then all the parts were put together in Minitopia like some kind of puzzle.

Light and breathable

Inside the house it looks light and airy. Light, open staircase to the first floor and faded wood create a full and inviting space of 42 square metres. The 2 m2 bathroom is still spacious. If you look closely, you will see slots hidden everywhere to provide additional storage space. Her set of shoes fit the raised floor.

Paulien Doedee in her tiny house in Minitopia © Claudia Zanin

More smart solutions

There are more smart solutions. There is a cloth roll hanging on the wall. Pauline takes it off. panel appears. “It’s not finished yet. But I love working on it. This way I can also work very large without taking up too much space.”

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I imagine some kind of “hanging gardens of Babylon.”

Paulien Doedee, resident of Minitopia

sliding greenhouse construction

What remains is to finish the construction of the greenhouse characteristic of the house, which can be moved through the rails. Provides covered outdoor space or additional insulation, pushed back over the house. “This heat is also good for vegetable garden seedlings. I imagine a sort of Babylon hanging garden.”

The slightly pregnant skeleton knocked them down; The demolition residues were from the greenhouses. “It still has to be fitted with corrugated board, ribbed, translucent and less transparent. No glass, because the construction will be very heavy. Everything is ready, time to assemble. This is easy because the rim is 7 meters high.”

Soon Pauline will have a covered outdoor area of ​​32m2, which is larger than the ground floor (28m2). To slide the greenhouse over the house and roof terrace, her father now works on a crane. With this you can move the entire greenhouse yourself. Two large “neglected” barn doors from her sister provide some privacy on the balcony. Soon they can be opened for a view of the green mountain.


When I wave to golfers who pee, they don’t know how fast to escape

Paulien Doedee, resident of Minitopia

View of the sand dunes

This “green mountain” that separates Minitopia from the golf course is its viewpoint. “When I look outside, I feel like I see dunes. Sometimes I see golfers on top of a mountain. Then they want to pee quickly behind the trees. When I wave to them, they don’t know how fast they have to leave,” Paulin laughed.

When asked what went wrong with the design, Paulin had to think deeply. “The floor!” She finally sighs. “It was finished before the balcony above became weatherproof. There was no real drainage on the balcony and I didn’t drain the water yet. The sail couldn’t handle a heavy rain. So did the ground floor.”

Psychological health

Why small? “I am really worried about my friends who live in the Randstad. They have to work hard to survive and then there is the student debt. It affects your mental health.

She herself ended up out of the ‘rat race’. “Some thought I was crazy when I started piecework. But diversity gives me creativity. I feel happy when I can create healthy places where people can relax physically and mentally. Where they can relax. If you take a step back, you make better choices than the chaos and illusions of everyday life” .


My parents’ generation chooses safety, but this is my waxy nose

Paulien Doedee, resident of Minitopia

Paulin explains, “My generation has a different attitude and way of thinking than my parents’. They chose safety. But this is a hoax. Contracts are renewed twice; a permanent job is often not forthcoming. In any case, taking your life in your hands gives you the feeling that you are in control of something.” What “. Her tiny house costs €27,000 and allows Pauline to live the life she wants: full of time and space.

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