Tips for furnishing your hall

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You walk through the hall of your home every day and for the guests who come across the floor it is the first thing they see in your home. It is much more interesting to furnish that space in your home so that it looks attractive. Wondering how to decorate your hall in a beautiful way? We list some tips below!

Use light colors

In many homes, the hall is not a large room in the house. If this is also the case with you, it is advisable to opt for light colors. This makes the room appear larger than it actually is. Think of colors like white, beige, taupe, or pastels. You can use light colors on the walls and ceiling, as well as in the furniture and accessories in the hall.

Add a coat rack

When you think of your hall, you probably quickly think of a coat rack. Coat racks are available in countless shapes, giving you a wide choice. The shape of your coat rack partially determines how your hall will look. Are you decorating the hall of your new home or are you looking for a coat rack that can replace your current home? Then it’s good to think about the style you like. For example, you can choose from Industrial coat hooksOr rustic or modern coat racks made of different materials.

Provide enough storage space

Another tip when furnishing the hall is to ensure sufficient storage space. You probably store your shoes in the hall and of course there has to be a place for that. This is possible with a shoe cabinet, shoe rack or closet wall where you can store all kinds of things. Find functional furniture and don’t fill your entire hall with it. If the space is small, it may look messy if you have a lot of furniture.

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Add decoration

You can give a room more atmosphere by adding decoration. This is possible, for example, with a round mirror, mood lighting, paintings, picture frames, rugs, vases, aromatic sticks and plants. With these accessories, you can make the hall cozier in no time.

Using light colors, a Wooden coat rack Buying, realizing storage space, adding decoration: these are good tips to furnish your hall in an attractive way. So keep these tips in mind if you want to change the look of the hall in your home!

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