to see! The first pictures of The Crown season 6

Season 5 isn’t over yet, but the makers of The Crown don’t like sitting still and they’ve already started filming Season 6. We’ll tell you everything we know so far and also share the first images from the latest season!

the crown

This popular British historical drama series tells the autobiographical story during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. Fans agree that the British royal family is still very interesting. Often in a positive sense, but sometimes in a negative sense as well. The first season of the series came out in 2016, which is some time ago. Season 5 of The Crown will soon be releasing on Netflix and Royal Family fans can finally enjoy all the twists.

the Royal family

Thus the series tells a biographical story about the reign of the Queen, but in addition to Elizabeth II, all kinds of historical events and well-known family members are also presented. For example, Charles and Diana dominated the fourth season of the series and their marital problems. In later seasons, we’ll see how this relationship continues, something that actually happened. We already know how it ends, but we can’t wait to see how the creators start telling the story from different perspectives.

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Season 6

Although fans are still waiting for the release of the fifth season, filming for the sixth season has already begun. This season is expected to feature royal events from the mid-late 1990s through the early 2000s. Each season so far has spanned over a decade, but now the events in those 10 years have been spread over two seasons, Season 5 and Season 6. For now, we just have to look forward to the release date of Season 5. The final season may take up to a year. Until then, we found the first pictures for you. Look at the pictures below! For more information, click Link.

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