to the 5,000 jobs at Betterwird Dokkum. Expanding the business park gives space to companies

Noardeast-Fryslân municipality is expanding the Betterwird business park by about 10 hectares. This is being done on the basis of a municipal program that ensures the acceleration of the development of this region. This also includes accelerating housing construction. Contractor Folkertsma of Ginnum will take over Betterwird from May 30.

Climate and biodiversity are important points to be taken care of during construction

The water storage is also well organized. There will also be a recreational path for cyclists and pedestrians along the edge of the new town.

The business park is very suitable for the “manufacturing sector”

This also includes construction and metals, which is where the area is strong. Betterwired already offers space for about three thousand jobs. This could rise to 5,000 places in the future. Commercial lots will become available in the fall. Companies can register in advance. There are already ten parties involved.

Until 2031, energy peaks should also be absorbed here

of the participating businessmen, leanderRabobank and the municipality are looking at this challenge with creative eyes. The challenge that plays a clear role at the national level. In any case, companies are already focusing on operating as energy neutral as possible. In addition, an inventory is now being made of the places where it is still located.

The municipality has agreements with Dantumadiel, Achtkarspelen and Tytsjerksteradiel about the construction and expansion of business parks. Good distribution in the region is important.

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