Tobias was born “silently”, Daisy’s mother remembers: “There are so many dads who feel exactly the same as me” | The best stories this weekend

Tobias’ birth date was calculated as Friday 10 July 2020. On Saturday 10 July 2021, his mother Daisy Van Beekum will have a memorial evening at Nijmegen Cultuurhuis De Lindenberg. To all the “quiet” children, other deceased children and their parents, and companions suffering from Daisy and her husband Eric. “Let the show embrace you,” Daisy calls out.

“He was always a calm baby on his stomach. But he was behaving more calmly than usual for a week. When I didn’t feel like he was moving as usual when I was singing to him songs, I already knew.”

Beneden Lewin, Daisy Van Beekum, imagined it completely differently. She and her husband Eric knew that he was born, after Fabian (7), Robin (5) and Mino (2) the fourth son. An extension of the family that she and her siblings looked up to most. But in March 2020 the midwife confirmed what Daisy was already so fearful of: that her youngest was no longer alive after 24 weeks. On March 20, the birth was performed at Radboudumc in Nijmegen to allow him to give birth “quietly,” says Daisy.


An evening not only for crying, but also for laughing together. In which we participate in the grieving process by singing famous songs and displaying pictures and names of our deceased children

Daisy Van Bekum

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