Today 1,000 emergency aid packages distributed in Rainville

More than 1,000 families at a Rainville resort may qualify for a government emergency assistance package. Today, Monday, June 28, emergency aid will be distributed at the resort. The various government departments responsible for distribution in the region will be from 8 am and will distribute parcels throughout the day.

The distribution, which is part of the “National Distribution of Emergency Aid Packages” project, is a joint operation between the Unit’s Office of the Office of the President, district commissioners, county and county councils, the national army and other support services. The Ministries of Social Affairs, Housing, Regional Development and Sports (ROS), and Defense are important contributors to the success of the project.

The project is coordinated by the unit office. The intent is to provide a support package to people who have been affected in one way or another by the floods and/or the COVID-19 pandemic and are thus struggling to meet their immediate needs. There are also exceptions for people who have difficulty for other social reasons. Eligible persons must pre-register through the resort’s RR and DR members.

This national project has been going on for a month. Coronie and Nickerie areas and part of Wanica already visited. Distribution in Paramaribo has been going on since last Friday at Wellinglin Resort. It follows Rainville on Monday, Centrum Centrum on Wednesday, Livorno on Friday and Flora on Sunday. Other jurisdictions will follow in the following weeks. The neighborhoods you will follow will be announced on the Suriname Communication Service’s Facebook page.

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Packages are distributed by military personnel, members of the RR and DR, and members of the Office of Enhead and Administrative Services. The organization is asking the community to stay at home due to Covid-19 measures and not to go near National Army trucks.

Emergency aid packages are delivered to your home. Those who have registered to be eligible for an emergency package may receive their own package with their ID card. Registrants who will not be at home can leave their ID card behind for their roommate.

If during the distribution it appears that there are errors in the registration, they will be compensated by the registration of people after all. The organization wants an orderly path during distribution.

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