Today, Angela de Jong donates internal fees to charity

Angela was busy Thursday night. The first was the outspoken TV critic of general newspaper to be seen in Today insideto then join with the sweat on the upper lip and exhale in in 1† “It was a historic moment,” I immediately joined the conversation. “You took everything into account, but you never know them.”

Angela decided to show her face in Today inside Because she also wanted to express the criticism she had made earlier in the lion’s den. On RTL Boulevard radio Thursday, Aran Bade indicated that he thinks it’s a smart move. “I think that’s a good thing. Angela is going to sit there and have the balls to do it. I understand she’s getting into an argument with these gentlemen. I hope you’ll give her some gas, because it’s not about men’s reputation that matters, but women, and that you don’t touch women’s feet.”

Rob Goossens later replied sarcastically: “If I donate her compensation to a safe house with my body, I agree with you.” This was discussed later in the broadcast. Angela found a gap in her busy Boulevard research schedule between the recordings and sent broadcaster Luke Eikenk a personal message that he read directly. She mentioned in this that she never accepts compensation, but she transferred to Giro555 on request. “Class,” Rob said.

It is not yet clear whether the program Today inside He will appear on Friday evening. This is based on conversations Ras Talpa had with the three broadcasters on Friday morning.

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