Today in 2001: Australia destroys American Samoa by 3 …


With a strong team with many players playing in Europe, Australia had good documentation in 2001 to reach the 2002 World Cup. The country has only participated in one World Cup once before: in 1974. Australia is a member of the Oceania Football Association and is on a team with Tonga, Fiji, Samoa and American Samoa. The first game against Tonga was won 0-22. World record.


American Samoa has begun to qualify with a 0-8 defeat to neighboring Samoa. There seem to be problems with the players’ passports on the way to Australia. Only goalkeeper Nicki Saluba enters the country. National coach Dunova Louie can’t call the class under 20, they are school exams. He should do the same with younger players. With three boys as young as fifteen, he appeared on a kick-off show at the International Stadium in American Samoa Cuffs Harbor. The island state national team stands for ten minutes with about 50,000 people. Don Constantinos opens the Tzianis score and then turns into goalkeeper Saluba’s goal shooting gallery. At half time it was already 16-0. Striker Archie Thompson, who then plays Blue Monday for PSV, is responsible for half of the production.


In the second half, Australia continues the content of its heart. So many marks that the officers are missing the path. Was it 31-0 or 32-0 now? The scoreboard says the latter, but after the review it seems to have scored only 31 goals. With that, Australia broke its record four days ago. Archie Thompson also holds a place in the Guinness Book of World Records with 13 goals.


After the game, criticism of the qualifying format increased in Oceania. Smaller nations will have to play again in the placement matches for the group matches for the 2006 World Cup. Australia joins the Asian Football Confederation after 2006 because it wants more resistance. Australia did not qualify for the 2002 World Cup. Uruguay, who finished fifth in the South American qualifying round, were the strongest in the playoffs.

Worst in the world

American Samoa is seen as the worst team in the world in the years since the record defeat. With the appointment of Dutch national coach Thomas Rongan in 2011, the country looks forward to rehab. It attracts against the Cook Islands and is very strong for Tonga. Images can be found in the documentary ‘Next Goal Success’ from 2014 onwards.

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