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It doesn’t seem strange that a daily show can reach 100 episodes. But this is with gentlemen Today inside Of course the case. After a massive media riot, the show seemed to disappear from the tube, but after all the riots, the guys finally came back. Yesterday broadcaster Marco Lovrenz – whom Dirksen and Jenny Gigbe called “The Director” – came up with a cake.

But first the 100th episode was discussed and it was discussed at the table who was the worst guest at the table. Dirksen eventually chose Stephen Brunswick, who was present during the much discussion broadcast a candle riot† Gijp saw particular difficulties in the early days of SBS 6: Then it took some research. Jan Bosgamp, Hans Kray, and Wim Kift (regular guests of their daily show, editor) are so used to the fact that we don’t take them into account at all. And if you have new people, you have to take that into account.”

At first, for example, Gijp was not enthusiastic about Ozkan Akyol, who now joins regularly. “He developed really well later on. He even got the audience involved. He was really excited about it.”


I won’t make it to 60 if it keeps going like this, but enjoy your meal

Marco “Director” Louwerens

After a movie that had some uncomfortable moments with the guests, the “director” came walking with a big cake. “Sinterklass, I forgot you’re dead,” Jenny yelled, referring to the role he always played around December 5. The program is playing† We’ve hit the hundred, haven’t Lorenz said monotonously. Then sarcastically: I will not reach sixty if you continue like this, but rather enjoy your meal.

Then he pointed to the plates and forks and quickly turned away. Jenny yelled in astonishment, “This is it? No talking?!” But the “director” replied sternly, “That was! A beautiful cake, wasn’t it?” When he went backstage again, Gigbe exclaimed, “He can’t say we’re cute.” And Dirksen: “This guy’s on sleeping pills for life because of us.”

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