TOKYO 071: Hockey players face tough opponents in the quarterfinals

The Dutch hockey team, including Jரிrt Grn of Liederdorf, lost 3-1 to Germany this afternoon. With this, the Dutchman, who finished fourth in the Dutch team, is the opponent in Sunday’s quarterfinals.

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The Orange team is playing a tough Olympic race, so the team was unable to convince them of the fifth and final match of the stage. Both the Netherlands and Germany were already confirmed on one ticket in the quarterfinals, but the opposition from the last group match has not yet been decided. As a result, the game was pre-marked as ‘the most important game ever for the Orange’.

The Netherlands created some chances against Germany and even suffered a 3-0 deficit at one point. Geron Hertzberger’s goal in the final was 3-1. The Netherlands won a penalty corner in the final minutes of the match.

The quarterfinal match against Australia will be played on Sunday at 5 p.m.

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